Terms of license

Terms of license for users of ESTER outside Sweden (last updated June 20, 2018)

ESTER license = Access to the ESTER’s computer support including unlimited storage of clients.


Supplier of ESTER’s computer support, that is; ESTER licenses for access to ESTER’s computer support, is the company Vetevi AB (Swedish organizational nr: 556725-5392). The terms of license described here apply to all users of ESTER’s computer support, that is; holder of a so-called ESTER license (unless otherwise specifically negotiated). When the customer/user of ESTER’s computer support has ordered an ESTER license and gained access to the system, the user/customer has then agreed to these terms and conditions and entered a formal agreement with Vetevi AB regarding the ESTER license in question. These terms and conditions are informed about when the customer has ordered a new ESTER license or prolonged the same. If the customer can not accept these terms of the ESTER license, and informs Vetevi AB about this, the order will be cancelled and the intended user/customer will not be able to access ESTER’s computer support, and the customer will not be charged.

The ESTER license fee is billed in advance when the customer is given access to ESTER’s computer support/ESTER license (the cost is 2.500 SEK / 250 Euros excluding VAT per ESTER license per 12 months – unless a special agreed discount has been agreed on).

An ESTER license includes unlimited use of ESTER’s computer support (its content in the form of manual, assessment booklet, ESTER screening forms, and unlimited client storage) during the time the ESTER license is active, usually 12 months (unless a special period of time has been negotiated). How long the ESTER license is active is notified when the customer purchases or prolongs an ESTER license. This information is also available when the user is logged in into the computer support of ESTER and the user is also notified via e-mail well in advance when the time of the license is nearing its end.

An ESTER license holder who also has completed ESTER supervisor training has access to support. This consists mainly of support via e-mail: info@ester-bedomning.se. E-mail from ESTER supervisors will usually be answered by us within 48 hours during weekdays (unless otherwise stated on www.ester-bedomning.se).

The organization that uses ESTER and/or its computer support and, thus, the assessments conducted via ESTER are responsible for ensuring that the organizations has legal support/a legal basis for making these assessments and for saving/storing the type of data about individuals that ESTER’s computer support enables. The organization using ESTER is also responsible for providing the required information about ESTER and its personal data management and policy to the affected clients and is also responsible for obtaining necessary consents from the clients, if needed. For a description of the personal data management/policy of ESTER, see www.ester-bedomning.se/personaldatapolicy.

The organization that uses ESTER and/or its computer support, and thus conducts the assessments that ESTER enables, is responsible for that ESTER is used as intended and as described in the ESTER manual (available in ESTER’s computer support). Any negative consequences or damages that occur in connection with or as a consequence of the customer using ESTER and its computer support is the sole responsibility of the customer/user of ESTER.

Via ESTER’s computer support, the customer/user of ESTER can share information about clients (children and their legal guardians) and ESTER assessments conducted, with other ESTER users (i.e., all other persons who hold an active ESTER license). In ESTER’s computer support, there is also the feature that involves moving a client and the ESTER assessments conducted on this particular client to another ESTER license holder. These features represent opportunities for the ESTER user, but it is up to the ESTER user or his/her organization to ensure the legal basis for this sharing and moving of information about clients. This feature in ESTER’s computer support also means that all ESTER license holders are searchable within ESTER’s computer support and visible with first name, last name and workplace/organization. This personal data management and other aspects of personal data management with regards to the use of ESTER’s computer support is given consent to by the the customer/the ESTER license holder, as soon as he/she starts using ESTER’s computer support and after receiving information about these terms of license as well the information about the personal data policy of ESTER. It is therefore essential that, as an ESTER license holder, you read the full version of these terms of  license and the person data policy for ESTER; www.ester-bedomning.se/personaldatapolicy.

Vetevi AB continuously makes improvements to the ESTER system and its computer support. These changes are notified to all users of ESTER’s computer support via the computer support and/or via e-mail. Vetevi AB has the right to make these changes to the system without requesting the consent of the user/customer. Vetevi AB is entitled to, once a month, during a three-hour period, during weekdays between eight in the morning and five in the afternoon Swedish time, make necessary updates in ESTER’s computer support. During these occasions, ESTER’s computer support will not be available to anyone holding an ESTER license. This will be notified in advance to the holder of an ESTER license via e-mail and/or via www.ester-bedomning.se or via any other appropriate means.

In the event that unexpected interruptions of ESTER’s computer support occur, so that ESTER license holders can not use ESTER’s computer support, Vetevi AB shall promptly rectify and ensure that the interruption of operations is as short as possible. No compensation for this is paid to the customer/user of ESTER’s computer support.

The organization that holds an ESTER license and thus uses ESTER’s computer support is formally the personal data controller for all the information stored in ESTER’s computer support. This means that Vetevi AB is formally the personal data assistant for the organizations that uses ESTER’s computer support. This also means that a Personal Data Assistant Agreement must be written between Vetevi AB and the organization using ESTER – for more information concerning this, see; www.ester-bedomning.se/personaldatapolicy. The customer has the right to terminate his/her ESTER license if he does not accept a particular hired sub-contracted assistant or their processing of the personal data. Vetevi AB uses a hired sub-contracted assistant, see; www.ester-bedomning.se/personaldatapolicy

If a customer/user of ESTER computer support terminates his/her ESTER license before the license expires, the license fee will not be refunded to the customer for the remaining license period. However, an organization that has license time remaining on a user’s ESTER license when that person will no longer use his/her ESTER license, can transfer the remaining license time to another person within that same organization.

In ESTER’s computer support, clients who are stored by the user are stored in ESTER’s computer support for three years and after three years, the user is clearly prompted in ESTER’s computer support that these clients have been inactive for three years and that the user therefore should consider deleting these clients from the computer support. Thus, this deletion of clients from ESTER’s computer support is done manually by the ESTER user but the computer support reminds the ESTER user that there are clients that have not been activated for three years. It is up to the ESTER user to handle this deletion of clients in the correct legal manner and according to any local guidelines/procedures. The above applies if the ESTER user has access to ESTER (that is; holder of an ESTER license) throughout the time when clients have been inactive for three years or more. When an ESTER license for an ESTER user has expired and is inactive, the entire user profile is deleted together with all clients associated with that license, after 3 years. This is carried out manually by Vetevi AB. For more information on data security and personal data management, see: https://www.ester-bedomning.se/om-ester/personaldatapolicy/